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Our Purpose

More people are desiring to become homeowners but yet facing multiple barriers.

Due to lack of better options, many within the African continent who want to own a property are frequently greeted with limited housing availability as well as somewhat highly time-consuming, unsophisticated, and manual methods that are currently in place. Customer care and centricity are utterly disregarded in majority of the current procedures and methodologies, which are primarily paper- and analog-based designs. By creating and providing intelligent technological solutions, establishing meaningful partnerships and assembling a friendly caring team, Lucumi is committed to helping many of these people in the continent and in the diaspora overcome these barriers.

Features and Benefits

Lucumi will provide transformational solutions that address these pain points by focusing on these key drivers.

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Product Availability

A solution that sources a selection of product options from the market to ensure that customers may access competitive, reasonably priced and high quality options.

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Customer Care

Without a doubt, customer care and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our business decisions and the partnerships we select are guided by our principles in ensuring this.

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Leveraging technological tools and enabling financial services instruments to simplify the home buying process and ensure swifter outcomes.

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Educate and Enable

Educating with the precise knowledge as well as providing step by step action plans that enable more people achieve their homeownership goals.

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Providing reliable and credible information and integrating solutions that ensure product suitability for our customers.

Mortgage Calculator

Your home is one of the largest purchases of your lifetime. The expenses towards the property, mortgage,
taxes, and maintenance will impact your financial situation. It’s critical you choose the home you can
afford. Our quick mortgage calculator will help you establish if your desired property fits your budget.


This quotation is based on most lenders’ affordability credit guide of 30% repayment to gross income and on your disposable income.

Your Mortgage Results
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This is simply an illustration and this amount is just an indication of what a lender could offer. We strongly recommend you obtain certified affordability assessment to be sure.

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